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Open Source Days 2008

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Open source conference in Copenhagen

IT-University of Copenhagen, Oct. 3rd - 4th 2008

Linuxforum 2007

Open Source Days is the largest open source conference in the nordic area. It's your opportunity to meet, share, experience and learn from professional open source experts.

You have the opportunity to meet many companies both working with and providing the foremost open source solutions for your business. Improve productivity and get cost effective solutions at Open Source Days 2008.

Open Source Days 2008 is a great chance to gain inspiration, but also to reflect and evaluate how open source might improve your business and technical side of your life. Open Source Days is also a great chance to expand your professional network.


The conference is organized by the coordination team from the annual LinuxForum conference and the mission is to have an international conference, which is both affordable and high quality.

You can contact the coordination team at
or have a look at the contact page.

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