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Open Source Days 2008

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Some facts

Open Source Days 2008 is the 11th Open Source conference in a row held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference is a very popular, and today the largest open IT-conference in the Nordic region.
Keywords for the conference is low budget and high quality spanning two days in October 2008.

Venue and dates

ITU, Copenhagen
The conference will take place at IT University of Copenhagen on October 3. and 4. 2008.

Address, Map and route planner

IT University of Copenhagen
Rued Langgaards Vej 7
2300 Copenhagen S.

Map and route planner. Please note that you must click on "Rejseplanen" in the lower right hand corner to get the route planner.

Where to stay in Copenhagen

The conference speakers will be staying at the Square Hotel, located right in the center of Copenhagen.

Students and low budget travellers might want to check our low-budget alternatives: DANHOSTEL Copenhagen Amager or DANHOSTEL Copenhagen City.

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Open Source Days 2008 will be the 11th open source conference in Copenhagen.
Proviously we've had the honour to present a bunch of celebrities from the world wide open source community: Jon "Maddog" Hall, Alan Cox, Louis Suarez-Potts, Wietse Venema, Kalle Dalheimer and Matthias Ettrich (KDE), Miguel de Icaza (GNOME), Poul-Henning Kamp (FreeBSD), David Axmark (MySQL), Dr. Gene Spafford (Security expert from Purdue University), Matt Welsh (Running Linux & Linux Documentation Project) and Wichert Akkerman (Debian), Tobias Oetiker (MRTG, RRDtool, and SmokePing), Postfix Gurus Patrick Koetter and Ralf Hildebrandt, a long with technology specialists from the industry, such as Novell's Baber Amin, Katalin Walcott from IBM, Chief Open Source Officer at Sun Microsystems Simon Phipps and a long list of other interesting people:

The people behind

The conference is created by a lot of volunteers from the Danish open source community that work hard to make a good conference, with low entrance fees.


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