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Friday 3. October

Registration will open at 08.30     ||    Download program in PDF

  Track 1 Track 2 Track 3 Track 4
Auditorium AUD1, Ground floor AUD2, Ground floor Scroll bar, Ground floor AUD3, 2. floor 2A12, 2. floor
Chairman Kurt Westh Nielsen
& Gregers Petersen
Henrik Madsen Bo Holst-Christensen Hanne Munkholm
09.15 Welcome
09.30–10.20 Martin von Haller Grønbæk, Bender von Haller Dragsted
Applied Copyleft
Claus Gårde Henriksen
Oticon - Pinguin first
Martin Parm, DIKU
How to automate a large scale educational system with Gentoo
Simon Josefsson
Open ID
10.30–11.20 Christian Lanng, CSI
How the Danish  public sector supports open source - how open source supports the public sector
Adam Jollans, IBM
Linux, open Source and IBM: The Next Decade
Nigel Kersten
Using Puppet to manage Linux and Mac platforms in an enterprise environment.
Steve McKinty
Disaster Recovery with Sun and Open High-Availability Cluster.
11.30–12.20 Lunch break
12.30–13.20 Josef Assad
Free Software Adoption in the Enterprise: from Use to Community Membership
Mads Toftum
OpenSolaris Storage Platform - Storage revolution in the making
Kasper Johansen, Casalogic
Applications with PHP-GTK
Carsten Pedersen
Deadly sins of MySQL/PHP
13.30–14.20 Martin Michlmayr, HP
Governing the use of open source
Kris Buytaert
Open Source Virtualization, an Overview
David Johnson
Once and future Roller
Thomas Ammitzbøll-Bach, Prevas
Welcome to the (not so) easy world of embedded Linux
14.30–15.20 James Callaghan, Ingres Europe
Bringing Open Source to the Enterprise
Jens Nyrup-Jensen
Sun xVM Server
Poul-Henning Kamp
Best practices
Tommy Dejbjerg Pedersen
Google Android - what is it?
15.30– Keynote
Robin Rowe & Gabrielle Pantera
Linux in Hollywood

All talks will be videotaped. There will be no proceedings, but slides will be publicly available through our website.
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