The once and future Roller

Dave Johnson

In this session you will learn the story of the Apache blog server, lessons learned and what's next for the project. The story begins with a lone late-night hacker and grows to include the Apache Software Foundation, Sun Microsystems, IBM, a cast of thousands of corporate bloggers, the Bile Blogger and even Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz. You'll learn about Sun's groundbreaking and employee-driven corporate blogging initiative. And you'll hear how and why the Roller project made the move to Apache, how that move has worked out, lessons learned and the current status and health of the project.

We'll cover the features of Roller and how it compares to other blog server options, typical deployment architectures and examples of Roller sites in production today. And, you'll learn how blog software is changing and adapting to incorporate Social Networking features such as profiles, friend relationships and social gadgets and how you can use Sun's new Project SocialSite to add these features to Roller.

Dave JohnsonDave Johnson is a software developer, author and blogger from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. After developing and releasing the Roller blog server as open source software, Dave joined Sun Microsystems in 2004 to work full time for Sun's corporate blogging site. Dave is an Apache Software Foundation member, PMC Chair of the Apache Roller project and author of RSS and Atom In Action (2006). He currently works as a Social Software Architect in Sun's App Platform. His latest work involves Project SocialSite a set of Widgest and Web Services that you can use to add Social Networking features to exisitng web sites an applications.

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