Disaster Recovery with Sun and Open High-Availability Cluster

Steve McKinty, Sun Microsystems

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery is an increasingly important subject today. Recent high-profile disasters such as the New Orleans floods, and legislation like Sarbanes-Oxley and Basel II, have made companies very aware of the need to safeguard their data and operations for their own survival.

The key to successful DR is to maintain high availability of services, by jointly managing critical applications together with a safe remote copy of the data upon which they depend.

Sun is in the process of opening up the Solaris Cluster software as part of the Open Solaris initiative, through the Open HA Cluster community. One of the first parts to be completely available as open source is the Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition (SCGE) framework. This management framework, written mostly in Java and using the open source Common Agent Container work, combines the management of applications through Solaris Cluster with management of several data replication technologies.

This presentation will describe how SCGE provides an extensible DR framework through which developers can make applications highly-available, and can easily add support for management of alternative replication technologies, at both the storage and application level. The talk will outline BCDR in general, and then look in more detail at the architecture of SC Geographic Edition. It will describe work in progress within the Open HA Cluster community to simplify the work of developing plugins to control new replication mechanisms such as those provided by MySQL.

Steve McKintySteve McKinty joined Sun in 1991 to work on telecommunications protocol stacks, after 9 years developing software for a large UK telecommunications company. He is based at the Grenoble Engineering Centre (GEC) in SE France. Originally created in 1990 to develop products for the telecommunications industry, GEC now hosts teams developing Directory Server, Java/JDMK, and High-Availability products, among others, including the Open Source versions of many of these.

Steve took over as architect of Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition in 2004, and has led the SCGE development team since 2005. He is always willing to meet with developers and customers to discuss disaster recovery.

Steve holds a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from The Queen's University of Belfast. He is a Chartered Engineer and member of the IET and IEEE.

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