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Open Source Days 2008

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Open source project booths

We acknowledge that it's in the hallway-track you sometimes have the most interesting discussions and real friendships are forged. The Open Source Days conference itself is the product of a joint community effort, sparked from a common goal, so the community booth area is very important to us.

On saturday 4. october you can meet the following user groups and open source projects.

Pike is a dynamic programming language with a syntax similar to Java and C. It is simple to learn, does not require long compilation passes and has powerful built-in data types allowing simple and really fast data manipulation.

Pike is released under the GNU GPL, GNU LGPL and MPL; this means that you can fetch it and use it for almost any purpose you please.

We will talk about some projects built using pike and demonstrate how one framework (Roxen WebServer) can be used to quickly build web applications with Pike.
Pike Website - Roxen Community

The Camp
In 2009 we have the 8th A do-IT-yourself-week with Internet connectivity and original and authentic computer-geek atmosphere. The camp is a mix of scheduled presentations given by internal and external speakers for the interested and work-on-your-own with your favorite projects. Usually the participants are equally large groups of beginners, experienced and professional computer people, which gives the unique atmosphere with a mix of fun and serious events throughout the week. If you get stucked with your own project - you are surrounded by computer geeks that gladly offer inspiration to get you further ahead.
Price is 980,- DKK for 7 days including full meals and lodging.
The Camp website

Copenhagen Perl Mongers
Copenhagen Perl Mongers meet on a regular basis for both technical and socials events. Also they have activities with the global Perl Community.
Everybody can join and no special knowledge are needed. If you like Perl og would like to learn about Perl just join in.
Copenhagen Perl Mongers website

Ubuntu DK
Ubuntu-dk is the official danish Ubuntu LoCo-team. We do all stuff concerned with the danish part of Ubuntu: localization, support in danish, release parties, spreading the word, etc. Ubuntu DK website

Amarok is the music player for Linux and Unix with an intuitive interface. Amarok makes playing the music you love easier than ever before - and looks good doing it. Amarok website

QuizComposer What comes after hyper texts? Quizcomposer is a tool for programming hyper dialogues for enabling anyone to learn hard fact subjects (math, physics, grammar, etc) from anywhere on the Web, anytime, at any level. QuizComposer website

BSD-DK BSD-DK is acronymous with "*BSD UNIX user group in Denmark". With *BSD we mean all operating systems based on the Berkeley Software Distribution version of UNIX. BSD-DK is an information and technical ressource for users and administrators that use BSD systems, and it voluntarily offers help to novice users. BSD-DK website

Danish OpenID
OpenID provides a new and different way for users to sign-up and login to websites. Visit the OpenID booth for:

  • practical demos
  • exchange of viewpoints and experiences
  • hints to implementing OpenID on your websites
  • information about the new Danish OpenID Chapter

IT Politisk forening
IT-Political Association of Denmark aim to provide a better basis for IT related legislation, e.g. standards, privacy and software patents. As a part of this, we publish the Linux live CD "Polippix". IT-Political Association of Denmark website

Exherbo Exherbo is a new Linux distribution which aims towards the most advanced users out there. Most of the code in Exherbo is written from scratch, but some of it is taken from Gentoo. Exherbo website

NJLUG Nordjyllands Linux User Group ( will among other present Skolelinux, which has been a success in Norway. We will also represent, formerly know as (free open source hosting). NJLUG website

SSLUG SSLUG (Skåne Sjælland Linux User Group) is probably the largest Linux user group in the Nordic region, with nearly 5000 members. Our activities cover maillinglists/newsgroups, IRC-channel, weekly "hygge"-meetings, presentations, events, promotion of GNU/Linux and some IT-political activity. Membership of SSLUG is free as in gratis. SSLUG website Fællesskabet bag i Danmark ( er navnet på den danske projektgruppe, og fokus er på:

  • Brugerhjælp og support gennem
  • Oversættelse, kvalitetssikring og udgivelse af Dansk
  • Information, dokumentation og vejledninger på dansk.
  • Markedsføring af og information om i Danmark.
  • Udbrede kendskab til og understøttelse af den åbne standard, OpenDocument Format, i Danmark.
  • Varetage danske brugeres og virksomheders specielle ønsker og behov til officepakken
  • Udarbejde en ny ordbog til stavekontrol bl. a. baseret på orddata fra Det Danske Sprog- og Litteraturselskab.

Danish OpenSolaris user group The primary purpose of the danish OpenSolaris user group is to drive awareness and adoption of OpenSolaris primarily among engineers, administrators and developers in Denmark. The user group will provide a stable base for the free exchange of ideas and experience. One of our goals will be to educate the users by presentations by Sun Microsystems, the OpenSolaris community and by our members.

A secondary purpose is to encourage membership by students, researchers and engineers working in industry. We will also encourage student adoption and student projects. Danish OpenSolaris user group website

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