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Open Source Days 2008

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The press and other media are of course very welcome at Open Source Days.

Please contact
Open Source Days mail
with any questions.

You can find our press releases here.

Media partners

Version2 is the official Danish media partner for Open Source Days 2008.
Version2 logo
Version2 is Denmark's media for IT aimed at professionals in the Danish IT business.

With technology as its core focus Version2 covers issues within practical IT and business alike. Version2 delivers independent information of a high professional standard aimed at professional users.

Version2 is published by Mediehuset Ingeniøren A/S.

BSD Magazine is media partner in the US.
BSD Magazine logo
BSD magazine is a new project totally devoted to BSD distributions. Thanks to the devotion of all BSD enthusiasts and professionals we have been able to launch a new magazine - BSD.

BSD Magazine is published by No Starch Press.

Linux Magazine is media partner.
Linux Magazine

Linux Magazine is a monthly, English-language magazine serving readers in roughly 100 countries. Each article in Linux Magazine is focused on delivering the hands-on, technical information you need in your daily Linux use. As a bonus, each issue includes a DVD containing a full version of a major Linux distribution.

Linux Magazine has grown from a local UK publication to an internationally-active leader in the Linux Community, supporting events and organizations related to Linux and Open Source.

For more information please visit our website:


Open Source Days 2008 banner

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Open Source Days 2008 banner

Please copy the following to your webpages:

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The official conference poster - please distribute (its 3 MB)

Open Source Days 2008 - Poster


Open Source Days 2008 Logo

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The use of the BSD "daemon" is permitted by Marshall Kirk McKusick.

    BSD Daemon Copyright 1988 by Marshall Kirk McKusick.
    All Rights Reserved.

    Permission to use the daemon may be obtained from:
        Marshall Kirk McKusick
        1614 Oxford St
        Berkeley, CA 94709-1608
    or via email at

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