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Open Source Days 2008

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Sponsors and exhibitors

Open Source Days would not be possible without support from the industry.

Please take a moment to think about the questions you would like to ask in the exhibiton area.


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Martin von Haller Grønbæk
Martin von Haller Grønbæk
from Bender von Haller Dragsted
is attorney for Open Source Days

Exhibition Area

Exhibition Area
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PKF Consulting SUN Microsystems Version 2 Linuxpusher Polyteknisk Boghandel Dansk Ingress Brugergruppe/Ingress/Tietoenator IT og Telestyrelsen IBM Mergeit Linuxshoppen DKUUG Tang Prosa Redpill GratisDNS SuperUsers Casalogic cap:mon FAB:IT Armada hosting op5 OSL

Linuxforum 2007 exhibition area
Exhibition at Linuxforum 2007

Become Sponsor

Open Source Days are open to sponsorships. If you are interested in associating your company with open source please contact the conference team by sending mail to:
sponsor mail
for further information.

If you are interested in a booth at the exhibition also please contact the conference team or contact Hanne Vilmann directly: tel: +45 4690-2442 or +45 4087-8985.

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