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Friday 5th March

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  OpenOffice i det offentlige Hot stuff CMS og webapplikationer Database From the exhibiton eGov Mail and Office
Room Bogladen Aud. 1 Aud. 2 Aud. 3 2A-14 4A-16 2A-12
09.30 Welcome
One. com & Per Andersen, IDC
10:00 - 10:55 Leif Lodahl, - – de forskellige versioner og udgaver
Jens Kjellerup, Lyngby-Taarbæk Kommune - Perspektiver ved at indføre OpenOffice i folkeskolen
Daniel Graversen - Enhance the collaborative experience of Google Wave Tobias Oetiker - qooxdoo: Writing Complete Applications in JavaScript        
11:00 - 11:55 Michel van der Linde, Gribskov Kommune & Jens Christian Damgaard, Region Midtjylland - Langtsigtede erfaringer med Allan Foster - OpenSSO as a fine grained policy engine Flemming G. Jensen - Groovy with Grails
12:00 - 13:00 Lunch
13:00 - 13:55 Preben Mejer, Innovation Lab - The amplified individual træder i karakter
Peter Møllgaard, Institutleder, professor i industriøkonomi, CBS - Danmark i den internationale arbejdsdeling om open innovation
Matt Rechenburg - Continuous Integration using a private openQRM Cloud Luckow-Nielsen & Mikkel Høgh
How open Source revolutionize the Danish Libraries with Drupal as the engine
Kristian Lyngstøl, Redpill-Linpro
Varnish - the world's fastest web-accelerator
Carsten Frigaard
Programming GPUs
Palle Simonsen & Lasse Larsen
Why should I consider open source. Experience from the trenches as seen from an IT strategy advisor
14:00 - 14:55 Lars Frelle-Petersen, Digitaliseringschef i Finansministeriet - Et finansministerielt bud på åbne standarder
Rundbords-diskussion - temaer er økonomi, innovation og muligheder med åbne standarder, open source og OpenOffice
Patrik Wallström - OpenDNSSec Christian Lundvang, NXC - Oslo Stock Exchange - from IBM's Fatwire to eZ Publish Magnus Hagander - New features in PostgreSQL 9.0 Neil Barry, Jaspersoft
Virgin Money leverages Open Source Business Intelligence to help Charities and Fundraisers
Frederik Ploug Sarp - Open source outside the community Bent Larsen, ConXO - Zarafa - An Exchange alternative
15:00 - 15:55 Gijs Hillenius, OSOR - The open source desktop and open source policy developments
Clémentine Valayer, OSOR - The OSOR project and the interaction with the OpenOffice community
Carsten Rhod Gregersen, Nabto - Embedded Linux/Windows CE - Virtualize the internet, connect directly to everything, p2p-vpn Troels Rasmussen, Topdanmark
TYPO3 at Topdanmark - Open Source Content Management in the Financial Sector
Kristian Nielsen - MariaDB: MySQL for the community Claus Lavdal, Mergeit
Erfaringer med IP tele-platformen Asterisk
Björn Lundell - How to enforce an Open Standards strategy: Why Open Reference implementations are important Ralf Hildebrandt & Patrick Koetter - Running high volume mailservers (and not going insane...)
16:00 - 22:00 Nokia Open 2010

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Schedule for saturday 6th. March

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