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Tuning (RHEL) Linux for Oracle

Installing Oracle on Red Hat Linux Enterprise - Which considarations should you consider beforehand?
This talk will walk you through the different considerations such as : Hardware scaling, the operating system and license issues when installing Oracle 11G. At the end of the talk we'll go into the tuning details.

About the speaker:

Kim Alex Olsen has as Bsc in Computer Science from de Montfort university and are studying for Cand.It at ITU.
He is currently working at Miracle A/S, a danish IT consultancy.

From Linux to the OpenSource cloud

The creative and effective development environment of Linux has laid the ground for an OpenSource development culture which is undispensable for the creation of efficient future IT solutions.

Hackerspace: MetalicaRap

We are now 4 months in to the development of a printer capable of printing in all common metals, Which may offer the ability to largely self print its own parts, Critically the most expensive bits including the electron gun ( Equivalent to printing a 600W fiber laser in a Selective Laser Sintering machine). This gun will point in to a vacuum chamber above a build platform covered in metal powder which melts to form the final object.

Hardware Assisted Linux Virtualization - State of the Art

Usally Linux is running on x86 architecture, but this presentation will give an introduction to the IBM System z Hardware running Linux with multilevel state-of-the-art virtualization, on a secure, reliable and scalable architecture providing common System Management for hybrid Linux worksloads building the future for IT cloud services. You will get a technical insight in the hardware,and the hardware- and software hypervisor capable of running several thousands of virtual Linux servers in one box with a virtual highspeed network without wires on non-x86 architectures likes RICS and CIS.

Open Source: Saving the World

Most of us get involved with open source as a way to solve the problems we face on a day-to-day basis. But technology in general, and open source software in particular, also provides the key to solving the more catastrophic problems that people face around the world today.

Hackerspace: HAL900: A complete Open Source, EAC stack all the way from hardware to Web UI

When Open Space Aarhus started back in June 2010, it created an instant demand for physical access by all members to the space, but at several hundred kroner per key-set and a recalcitrant landlord we could not use the traditional mechanical keys.

A solution for electronic access control had to be found, quickly, or our paying members would soon become unhappy, this talk is the story about how the EAC system, which came to be known as HAL900, came to be and where the project is now.

The HAL900 project, while still focused, has grown slightly over time to include the following features:

Hackerspace: Pushing the state of the art of Open Source 3D printing

Professional 3D printing has a relatively short history and as a result the best machines available are still very expensive, yet relatively simple, compared to the state of the art in other fields.

The relative simplicity of 3D printers means that it's possible for an amateur team of citizen engineers to reach results that might be mistaken for a professional system at an affordable price.

This talk will describe the current 3D printing technologies as used in professional production and it will outline the 3D printer projects at OSAA.

About the speaker:

Hackerspace: Developing a custom Arduino based board in a hackerspace

For an electronics workshop in Labitat, we needed a main board that could handle analog sensor data and show the measurements on a screen. At first I was just playing with ideas, but quickly I had a prototype running, which ended up being produced and used for the workshop.

I will go through the varous steps, talk about the descisions and give a few tips to those that would like to explore the world of DIY electronics themselves.

About the Author:

Lightning talk: LPI - The vendor-independent certification program

In this talk, you will hear about one of the certificate programs that exist for Linux professionals.
The LPI program claims to be vendor independent but what does it really mean ?
What benefits does a Linux certification gives a company/employee ?

The speaker will also show examples of questions that could be in the various LPI tests.

About the speaker:

Martin M. S. Pedersen works as an LPI instructor at SuperUsers A/S. He has written most of SuperUsers LPI material and is part of the Worldwide LPI Exam Developer team.

Lightning talk: NUT - Network UPS Tools - shutting down gently

To avoid data loss or corruption it is a good idea to shutdown servers gently and not just power off. Because you can never be sure about the power, someone invented a battery backup, also known as UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). But even a huge battery can quickly run dry if you have a potent server or a full server room. So you need some software which can monitor your UPS and gently shutdown the servers before the battery runs dry. One such software is NUT - Network UPS Tools.

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