Lightning talk: UOPR - Uno Operation Plan Response

In the old times, during the cold war, the United States of America had the computer WOPR which played World War 3 all the time. Or so it is shown in the movie Wargames.

Now, since the fear for World War 3 is lessen a bit, they needed to find a new use for WOPR.
UOPR is a answer to the call! A computer that plays Uno to find the best strategy for every possibility of the game.

Also can it act as a AI for human players to play uno against.

The talk will cover some clever issues when implementing an AI that need to play as a human player and will cover some of the funny facts that can be collected from the games.

If time permits it, will there be a possibilty to play against the computer.

About the speaker:

David Askirk Fotel is 26 years old and educated in Computer Science from DTU. He is an open source user and lover since before the Y2K. Coder since his early schooldays. He likes computer subjects like: AI, Parallel and distrubuted computing and he likes to learn new programming languages for a hobby. He currently works as a Ruby developer at IP Vision A/S.

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