LIghtning talk: Supporting a virtualization infrastructure with Open Source components

Virtualization has recieved a lot of attention over the last few years, in particular the software performing the actual virtualization: Xen, KVM, Vsphere etc. This talk however, will focus on Open Source components which may support a virtualization infrastructure: Firewalls, network storage and backup.

The talk will cover:

  • Using Pfsense as a transparent firewall: Securing public ip addresses assigned to virtual machines.
  • Using Freenas for high speed (> 1Gbit/s) iscsi storage: Providing redundant storage to virtual machines.
  • Using rsync for file and snapshot backup: Automate virtual machine backup processes on both snapshot and file level.
  • How to use commodity hardware and simple recovery plans to maintain good uptime.

During the talk VMWare Vsphere will be used as virtualization software, mainly because it is what I use in daily production. Since the talk is not on virtualization itself though, the material should apply to Xen and other VM systems as well.

About the speaker:

Troels Vognsen studies software engineering at Esbjerg Institute of Technology. Open Source has been a part of his professional life since 2006, when he started as a freelancer. Currently he works for a number of companies including Intertisement and Over the last six months he has worked on moving servers from multiple hosting centers to a single site; this was a natural case for virtualization - as was using Open Source components in the project.

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