Lightning talk: Internet password database with Javascript encryption

This is a talk about considerations and technical solutions to create a public web based password database with high security and privacy. Every possible action have been taken to ensure that users privacy is really private and in the users control. At the same time it was a key goal to create a site that is easy to use. Data is encrypted and decrypted in the client browser and only in the browser! This means that only encrypted data is sent to the server and stored in the database. Encryption/decryption is done with 256 bit standard AES (javascript). There is no way for the provider or anybody else to reveal passwords in any known way!

About the speaker:

Benny Nissen is the owner and manager of ATKI. The company specialize in traffic registration and regulation for the Scandinavian market. ATKI makes hardware and software and has a core system for control and data retrieval over the internet for remote devices like traffic counters and traffic signs. Benny is educated from Roskilde University (RUC) in Molecular Biology and Computer Science and has for a long time been having an interest in cryptographic. Has in the past implemented Blowfish source code and been part of groups promoting Elliptic curve cryptographic code.

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