Lightning talk: OSS udvikling med

This talk will introduce Launchpad is an open source suite of tools that help people and teams to work together on software projects, developed by Canonical for the development of Ubuntu. Launchpad is freely available to any open soruce project, and offers features such as code hosting, release management, bug tracking, translation, and lots of other exciting features. This talk will use the open source project TAPAAL as an example on how you can use Launchpad to facilitate your open source project.

About the speaker:

Kenneth Yrke Jørgensen currently works as PhD Fellow at Aalborg University. During his postgraduate work he co-founded the open source project TAPAAL, where he today servers as technical project manager. TAPAAL is developed by students and staff from different universities around the world, and has since beginning use Launchpad to structure and plan the software development process.

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