Hardware Assisted Linux Virtualization - State of the Art

Usally Linux is running on x86 architecture, but this presentation will give an introduction to the IBM System z Hardware running Linux with multilevel state-of-the-art virtualization, on a secure, reliable and scalable architecture providing common System Management for hybrid Linux worksloads building the future for IT cloud services. You will get a technical insight in the hardware,and the hardware- and software hypervisor capable of running several thousands of virtual Linux servers in one box with a virtual highspeed network without wires on non-x86 architectures likes RICS and CIS.

About the speaker:
Per Rosenquist works as IT Specialist IBM. He has a background in IT for more than 35 years, as application programmer, database administrator, systemadministrator, IT Operations Manager and have been within IBM for more than 10 years as Technical Solution Manager and now working in IBMs Systems and Technologi Group as technical presale

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